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About us

MDE Group works from the planning and execution of specific projects, to the partial or full management of operational activities in international trade, offering administrative, operational, financial, tax and logistical solutions.


Our mission is to generate value and competitiveness through excellence in solutions and services in the Import and Export areas. Offering customers and partners the best solution in international trade and business management, we seek to exceed customer expectations, committed to the result with its suppliers and employees.


MDE Group is committed to maintaining itself as an organization recognized in the market for the capacity of its professionals, becoming a reference in trading services and consultancy in business management in international trade.


Ethics, respect for customers and laws, innovation, agility, integrity, commitment, sustainability and social, economic and environmental responsibility.

How we act

First, we evaluate the development of your company's import or export operations, working on the identification of economic points in the production chain, legal procedures, tax advice and execution of the process. The diagnosis obtained in this phase provides the proper guidance for the implementation of the import or export process, always providing the best solution in international trade for your company.

Seeking success in negotiation, we work on imports with a focus on reducing costs of purchase, transport and nationalization of cargo. The cost of the goods must be advantageous, as well as there must be a good negotiation of freight, storage and other port expenses.

What we offer

MDE group offers all the assistance to meet the demands of companies of all sizes, who wish to do business with other countries, whether importing or exporting.

The internalization of companies is an excellent alternative for those seeking market rise and expansion of global presence

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